The wild world of the internets has so many sites, blogs, accounts that you can “tap” into for motivation, encouragement and education. Here’s my go-to list of sites that provide me daily inspiration.


mindbodygreen – I first found this website on Facebook. Their mission is to revitalize the way we eat, move, and live. And that’s exactly the type of content they provide. I will read articles when I’m taking a little mental break and always get new ideas to try.

Prevention Magazine – I don’t have a subscription to the magazine but I do follow them on Facebook and on Pinterest. Similar to mindbodygreen they provide tips on health, nutrition, beauty, mind-body, weight loss, and fitness. A great resource for healthy living. – IS AMAZING! I feel like I’m always sharing their content on Facebook. Their content is about the art of mindfulness in your everyday life including at work.  It’s a must follow for sure.


Sweatpants & Coffee – My friends turned me onto this on Facebook. They inspire you through snarkiness (new word I made up) and I love that!  The Instagram account is on point and pretty much anything that has coffee as a main subject is awesome in my book.

Simple Reminders – Just like the name of this site, the book and social media accounts provide you daily reminders that will motivate you to be a positive and joyful.  You’ll want to share every Facebook & Instagram post with your friends. I have been following the site on Facebook for years.

I hope you enjoyed my list! I would love to hear what your go-to sites are too. Comment below and I’ll check them out.

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