Today is International Calm Day.  Yes, I know yet another silly holiday that someone created for no reason.  I want you to please embrace this one for me please.  We all could use some calm in our lives.

Let’s slow down, take a deep breath, and pause for a moment together. Now don’t you feel better?

“We all want the kind of mindset that allows us to be calm while driving to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Or the calm that helps us to stop ruminating about the past or worrying about the future so we can sleep well at night. For many of us, the stress and anxiety we experience seems to be greater than ever before. We rarely pull away from our digital devices and we end up feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated. We’re so focused on ‘the next thing’ that we regularly miss what’s happening in front of us. We fall into bed exhausted, waiting for weekends to come around, and when they do, we spend them worrying about what we didn’t achieve or thinking about what’s next on our plate…” – Excerpt from page one of the Calm book

AMEN.  Who doesn’t want this?  I created Digital Wellness BECAUSE of this.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you find a little peace today and in the future.

  1. Focus on your BREATHING. Take some deep breaths.  The Calm app will help and today to celebrate #calmday they are unlocking all of their premium content for 24 hours!
  2. MOVE.  Walk. Go up and down the stairs at work. Get some expertise in today.
  3. MEDITATE even if it’s a couple of minutes.  Here’s a video I like to use.
  4. Pull out the ESSENTIAL OILS. If you don’t have any, I recommend using doTERRA essential oils lavender, serenity or peace.
  5. SLOW DOWN.  There is no award for having a life full of extracurricular activities. Make time to just relax and be in the moment.

Creating a Routine

Routine provides a sense of structure and familiarity.  Structure is a way of organizing your life so that it makes sense to you.  You wake up with a sense of ownership, order, and organization of your life.

Need help with creating a daily routine for yourself?  Contact me to help!