Everyday Life Coach Podcast – Episode 6 – Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Essential Oils

In this week’s podcast, I discuss how you can makeover your medicine cabinet with essential oils.

The essential oils that I recommend (you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the deets) are all doTERRA.
  1. Digest Zen
  2. OnGuard
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Peppermint
  5. Breathe
  6. Lavender
  7. ClaryCalm®
  8. Serenity
I do want to say the following disclaimer:
The statements that I have made in my podcast have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
If you’re interested in learning more about these oils please feel free to contact me. One of the things I am as a doTERRA wellness advocate and I enjoy helping people become healthier by using them.

Everyday Life Coach Podcast – Episode 5 – Savor the Shower

This week’s episode is how to savor the shower. Taking a shower is not self-care. I want to point this out ahead of time. Taking a shower is what everyone needs to do every day for their own personal hygiene. I’m just saying. HOWEVER what you do IN the shower could be a form of self-care. I want you to start SAVORING shower time. No eye rolls right now.


What I want you to try to incorporate into your shower is:

  1. Incorporate aromatherapy
  2. CalmMusic
  3. Head Massage – here is the one that I talk about on the podcast!
  4. Water Visualization
  5. Affirmation/Prayer/Gratitude
I hope this helps. I can’t wait to hear from you all once you try this. SAVOR YOUR SHOWER PEOPLE!  Get the full details of these things on the podcast!

Everyday Life Coach Podcast – Episode 4 – Digital Detox Tips

This week’s Everyday Life Coach Podcast is tips on how you can add elements of my digital detox to your everyday life.  One of the things that I suggest in my podcast is to turn off notifications. TURN THEM OFF.  Here are instructions on how to do it for Android or iPhone.  What you’re going to find is by turning them off you’re going to spend less time looking at your phone and that means more time to be present and focused on yourself and the people who are actually around you LIVE.  There are three other tips in the podcast. You’ll have to listen!