#1 Self Care Tip

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. If someone asked me what my #1 self care tip is…it’s water.  I know that you want to roll your eyes at this post right now.  Maybe you’re even wondering if you still need my services but trust me that WATER is the answer to many issues that you are having.  Here me out.

I have gone to the hospital twice for dehydration.  TWICE. I forgot to drink water and after a week, I was like OMG all I have had is 2 cups of coffee each day.  I couldn’t think straight, I was weak and I overall felt like I was dying.

NOW. Water has become a ritual.  I have a water bottle that I use and I’m constantly drinking out of it.  I made a conscious effort to create a habit and it’s stuck.  I feel? GREAT.  My skin has never looked better. I’m sick less and can concentrate more. If you don’t believe me, check this infographic out on why it’s important to stay hydrated.

Here are some tips to drink more water each day:

  1. Add flavor to the water – my recommendation is doTERRA lemon essential oil.
  2. Use an app to track your intake.
  3. Buy a water bottle and keep it with you at all times as a reminder. There are even ones that are “fancy” bluetooth enabled OR a bottle that will track your intake on the side of it.
  4. Fill up an old water jug and drink the entire thing each day.
  5. Read this article from webMD.

The article in tip #5 is what made me drink more. More water = less stress. Is the stress going to “poof” go away? NO. But you will feel better and give your body less internal stress to deal with by hydrating it.  It’s a no brainer folks. Get on the water train today!


What is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach?

Let’s start from a more familiar place – life coaching. A life coach is someone who typically is known for helping their clients reach a goal or make a change in their life. An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach does all that AND helps their clients to heal core issues and negative patterns while empowering them to change their life with effective tools, techniques and specific action plans.

An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach helps clients gain freedom from the past, overcome habits and patterns that block fulfillment in an area of life and take the actions necessary to live the life they have always desired. An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach does this through the holistic & integrative approach of coaching towards balance (harmony or wholeness) in all four body systems; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The word integrative as defined by the dictionary is: Combining allopathic and complementary therapies and/or serving or intending to unify separate things. A life coach is traditionally defined as a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. An Integrative Wellness & Life Coach has knowledge & training in ‘integrative’ approaches in the areas of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness (wholeness or balance).

This approach moves life coaching from simply counseling and encouraging to fully equipping and empowering clients to make effective change. The clients of an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach can experience and expect to walk away with a personal plan to move them towards wellness & health in the areas of mind (thought life & patterns), emotions (emotions & relationships), physical (this can be physical health or physical surroundings/situations such as career or finance) and spiritual health (awareness & spirituality).

From: Integrative Wellness Academy