The wild world of the internets has so many sites, blogs, accounts that you can “tap” into for motivation, encouragement and education. Here’s my go-to list of people I admire.


Kris Carr –  I want to be Kris when I grow up. She’s such an approachable wellness expert and gives you lots of recipes, tips and resources for a healthier life. I love her Instagram and Pinterest accounts!


Danielle LaPorte – Here’s another person I have followed FOREVER! Love her and the inspirational nuggets she provides each day. If you don’t know about #truthbombs then you are missing out. Read her books, follow her on every channel and learn more about yourself each day.

Hustle Heros

Lewis Howes – I learned about Lewis Howes around 2009 and have been hooked ever since. His hustle is full of passion and authenticity and through the years he has adapted with the use of social media. My current “addiction” is his talk show podcast, The School of Greatness.

Gary Vaynerchuk – This man inspires me every day. Every day. Especially Monday. I have seen him speak, read his books and follow all his social media. He was some great advice on content.  My favorite thing about Gary is he has a potty mouth. He keeps it REAL. 100% REAL.

Hayley Hobson  When I became part of the doTERRA family about a year ago as a wellness consultant I searched for people “like me” within the business. I wanted to find people who leveraged the digital space to grow their businesses. And the person who stood above all others was Hayley Hobson. WOW.  She has built her own personal brand, empowered others to replicate her model and educates the masses on the great value of using social media.  I am in awe of her hustle and hope one day to sit down and speak to her about her own path.

I hope you enjoyed my list! I would love to hear what your go-to peeps are too. Comment below and I’ll check them out.


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